Immediate Talent Acquisition


There are currently more than 200 agents registered in our “Talenty Agent Program”.
Share your JDs with the registered agent privately. They will introduces the JDs to their acquaintance, so it is possible to find a talent who meets your recruitment requirements.

What is "Talenty Agent Program"?

Talenty Agent Program

It is a system that allows agents to receive success-fees by introducing Talenty’s jobs to acquaintances.
It is a recruitment method that matches the characteristics of Vietnam, which often leads to job changes through referrals.

Registered Agent Attributes

Finding excellent human resources from carefully selected agents.
Largest number of agents in Vietnam.

agent demographics


① Agents introduce your jobs to acquaintances
② Acquaintances register and apply for the jobs
③ Talenty perform candidate pre-screening
④ Talenty sends candidate's resume to Employer
⑤ Employer succeed recruitment through interviews
⑥ Employer pays a success-fee to us
⑦ Talenty pays the commission to the agent


Many excellent talents are being registered

Q & A

Q. How much is the service fee?

A. It is a success-fee based service. You can check the download document for detail of the prices.

Q. Do you have reassignment guarantee?

A. For resignation during the probation period (60 days after joining the company), there is a free replacement guarantee or money-back guarantee.

Q. How long is the period until recruitment?

A. It takes 2-3 days from job creation to candidate introduction. After that, depending on the interview flow at your company, it is possible to hire in a minimum of one week.

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